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Debt Recovery

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First of all you must forget about the negative image that has been shaped in the public awareness this so-called money exaction.
What we do is the repossession of legitimate claims those are used by someone else wrongfully.
Our task is – in accordance with the interests of our Clients- to map and clarify the circumstances of a particular case and to recover outstanding debts.

What we offer:
  • quick, efficient and legal contact with the debtor person
  • correct representation of our principals, clients in the course of the case
  • conducting personal negotiations
  • consecutive debtor’s monitoring
  • providing continuous information for our Clients
    about the status of the case

We do it all on a high-level in a professional manner with stable legal background for a success fee payment.

We provide effective solutions for you and for your Company!

Image 1 Both the cases of companies and individuals managed by us until the complete settling of the claim.

Image 2 Phone and personal contact with our Clients at any time
email2 Write us Your problem and we contact you as soon as we became familiar with the details of the case, and we offer you various possible solutions. For Free!
Image 4 Our Extra Service Free legal consultation in debt cases once in a week.

We are in possession of adequate qualification in the area of debt management services , as well as we have both the technical and human background, which are indispensable for carrying out this activity in a professional manner.

It is also important that we perform our actions while respecting the law in force.

Do not delay! We arrange everything out of court within a short period of time!

Have a try!

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