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  • When you are not in a possession of a contract ... When you are not in a possession of a contract ... Thomas and Peter were friends from their childhood.
    They trusted each other therefore when Thomas lent his friend a large amount loan, they did not sign an agreement. The repayment deadline expired a long time ago and Peter has changed somehow.
    He did not “remember” the loan and he had no intention at all to pay it back although he was given the money in the presence of witnesses...
  • When you have a legally-binding court order ... When you have a legally-binding court order ... Gábor leads his construction venture responsibly and precisely, but his client has no intention to pay for the performed work.
    He has already gone to court with this matter .Even though he won the lawsuit, his client reported bankruptcy and his company now is in liquidation, consequently, despite the contract and the final court order he has not been given his money back for long months...
  • When you are not able to take action personally ... When you are not able to take action personally ... Béla, Charles’ brother lives in the U.S.A. with his family. After the death of their father an inheritance debate emerged between them. Charles merely would have given Béla his legitimate heritage only for the sake of the appearances. However, Béla knew that Charles just wanted to brush him off with a small stake by hiding away the real values of their inheritance; he was still unable to take action in person due to the large distance. The inheritance seemed to have been lost ...
  • According to our Clients ... According to our Clients ... .
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