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We believe that it is much better to prevent problematic cases. The White Lions company has ready-to-use solutions for prevention

imageOne of the methods for this is the so-called active debt management seal, which stamped to the invoice indicates that for example: “ The recovery of our claims is carried out by the HECTOR Consulting Ltd.”. This tiny stamp shows that the issuer of the invoice keeps track of his invoices precisely in up-to-date manner.

imageThe other solution for prevention is legal counselling which is carried out by the legal apparatus of
HECTOR Consulting Ltd. It is worth visiting our company for people whose debt- although not expired yet, but there is a great chance that the debtor shall not pay his debts, and of course it is worth consulting us for those who unfortunately have already got into trouble ...

We provide effective solutions for you and for your Company!

Image 1 Both the cases of companies and individuals managed by us until the complete settling of the claim.

Image 2 Phone and personal contact with our Clients at any time
email2 Write us Your problem and we contact you as soon as we became familiar with the details of the case, and we offer you various possible solutions. For Free!
Image 4 Our Extra Service Free legal consultation in debt cases once in a week.

We Can Help You, too!

image The advantage of the assignment is that in this case the assignee should bother with the recovery of the claim so thanks to the assignment the matter is completed for the original person entitled.
image Our employees have been actively operating in the field of debt recovery, personal defence as well as private investigation for a long time, consequently they possess a wide range of experience in these professional fields.


Dear HECTOR Consulting Ltd! I hereby would like to say thanks for the high –level, proficiency service that your company provided for the HELL ENERGY HUNGARY Ltd., moreover for your professional expertise as well as your supportive attitude on a basis of which we definitely recommend your excellent company services for our Partners, too.

Respects, with trusting in the further successful cooperation: